Story of Krista Holle

Krista Holle has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. They describe themself as a curious Author who loves exploring different themes and motifs. As part of their writing process, they love immersing themselves in their projects—diving headfirst into the research, production, and fine-tuning of the stories they feel are the most worthy of telling.

Writing by the Water
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Krista Holle has been passionate about writing since she was nine years old.  As ‘one sick cookie’, she might call it an obsession. Her brand is historical, sometimes magical, with a mandatory romantic twist. She is the author of The Lure of Shapinsay, finalist for the Reader’s Choice award in the paranormal romance category. She lives in Richmond, Virginia in a nearly empty nest with her adoring husband and a drooly Great Dane. When she’s not writing, she is backpacking sections of the Appalachian Trail. She is currently seeking agent representation.